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This Freaking Ding Bat measures 11x30 inches (size may very slightly), is 6 layers deep and comes signed, ready to hang on your wall, and ships for free!


Only 1 Freaking Ding Bat piece is made per drawing and comes verified on the blockchain with a smart tag! Just scan your piece of art with the Berify App click "claim NFT" and BOOM, now you're in the Freaking Ding Bat community. But what happens now?


Each NFT within this project rewards its holders with member perks and rewards. 

You will be eligible to get special access to events, giveaways, discounts, and more!


Download the Berify app here

FDB NFTS are verified on the Polygon Blockchain at no additional cost to you :)

Freaking Ding Bat of the Dead!

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